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Services Provided

We are offering these following services to everyone who attends. The services include tests done by various organizations. Their booths will include information pamphlets and interpretors. Basic medications will be provided, however, prescriptions will not be provided. Women's health services will be held in a separate isolated location for privacy.

Want to donate your services?

This health fair would not be possible without the contributions from donors; so if your organization would like to donate any services, then please get in touch with us at If you know someone who will be willing to donate their services, then please let them know of this website.

Health services for our 2014 event are:

Service Name Provided By Description/Notes
Blood Pressure Checks Bluegrass Community Health Will check your blood pressure and provide you with information so that you can better manage your blood pressure. Basic medications will be provided. More info
Vision checks UK Dept. of Opthlalmology We will test your vision and check for common eye diseases. Vision checks (eye exams) help detect eye problems at their earliest stage - when they're most treatable. More info
Dentistry Hispanic Dental Association & UK School of Dentistry In Dental Mobile Unit (van will be placed on Leader avenue), we will be providing oral care and information on maintaining a good oral hygiene. Oral hygiene deals with the health of mouth and teeth. We will provide teeth cleaning, plaque removal, oral irrigation, tongue cleaning, and how to keep a good oral hygiene. More info
Blood Glucose, A1c Bluegrass Community Health & Central Baptist Diabetes Dept. Will provide blood glucose tests, and will provide brochures to give you more information on managing a proper blood glucose level. More info
Growth Charts for Children UK Peds Interest Group Will be generating growth chart for your children and provide information on healthy eating. Not having a proper growth rate can indicate some developmental problems. More info
Urinalysis Kentucky Health Alliance of Kentucky Will provide tests to analyze one's urine for wide range of disorders related to kidney, bladder, and liver. We will also provide information on abnormal results. More info
HIV Testing North Central AHEC HIV is a virus that can destroy a person's immune system and lead to AIDS. We will be administering an HIV test and providing you with infromation on how to avoid/manage HIV. More info
Memory Screening Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Will provide tests to measure brain function and cognitive health. Abnormal memory screening may point to diseases like Alzheimer's. More info
Pharmacy - Brown Bag Program UK College of Pharmacy UK College of Phamacy will be hosting their Brown Bag Program in which they will go over your medications with you and give you information on keeping up with medications, side effects, and interactions with other medications.
Hearing Tests UK Communication Sciences and Disorders Will be conducting hearing screening and provide information on the risks of noise exposure. More info
BMI UK Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences Body Mass Index is an indicator of a peron's fatness. We will be measuring BMI and providing information on how to eat healthy. More info